about Chantal

Chantal Kerssens is the digital health specialist your emerging technology needs.

Chantal Kerssens understands how people think, make decisions, and behave. And she knows how people interact with new health technologies. Her ability to understand the human interacting with consumer-facing technology is key to end-user adoption for your health application. More than a consultant for your health application, Chantal is an invested partner in your business.

Focused on clinical validation, Chantal Kerssens will bring your digital health app to market. 

She’s a behavioral scientist that knows why global technology brands, like Microsoft and Google, are investing in how human science impacts adoption and outcomes. She knows why health applicationsmust, too. Drawing on her education in psychology as well as her experience with clinical validation, innovation grants, and commercialization research, Chantal knows what needs to be done to create and fund a successful digital health app from inception to widespread use.

Chantal Kerssens will lead you through the innovation grant process. 

Chantal founded eyiapp in 2015 after recognizing the staffing and funding shortfall many digital health incubators and startups face. She knows that limited resources don’t have to limit the potential of your health application. That’s why she has positioned herself as more than just an extension of your executive team. She’s also an innovation grant expert, skilled at navigating the convoluted maze of grant opportunities.

Contact Chantal to learn how she empowers you to make your digital health application count.