about eyiapp

eyiapp empowers you to build digital health apps that count. 

We are more than just digital health consultants. Consider us your partners on your innovation journey. eyiapp helps early-stage digital health organizations like yours achieve clinical validation to attract funding for the long-term success of health apps that matter.

Through counsel and implementation of best practices, eyiapp promotes patient and clinician adoption of your digital health technology by removing barriers and facilitating long-term use.

What your digital health technology needs. 

The success of many digital health technologies depends on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Medicare, and other regulatory and reimbursement approvals. Your digital health organization needs to prove end-user adoption and benefit to gain approvals and commercial traction. And eyiapp can help.

eyiapp leads your company along the cumbersome path to technology adoption and validation by implementing the processes and pilots necessary to bring your application to market.

Gaps Analysis

Beginning with a gaps analysis, eyiapp conducts a critical review of existing data against the evidence investors. eyiapp develops the scientific roadmap that formulates research and development (R&D) priorities, strategies, and requirements necessary to build your emerging digital healthcare technology and organization.

Protocol Development

From there, eyiapp establishes the pilots and clinical trials that further the development of your app. As part of this stage, protocols that meet the standards and rigor for Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approval of human-subjects research are written for feasibility, usability, and validation studies in environments such as the clinic, the community, and in private homes.

Scientific Leadership

eyiapp serves a vital role as acting principal investigator (PI) or scientific lead, implementing and overseeing digital health technology tests in real-world settings. As the PI of your digital healthcare, eyiapp not only develops research policies and procedures but on behalf of your company, assists in the recruiting of skilled and experienced R&D staff.

eyiapp provides grant insight and direction for your digital healthcare organization. 

The grant application process can be confusing, intimidating, and time-consuming to navigate for start-ups stepping into the digital healthcare market. Through personalized counsel, eyiapp advises your organization on the steps necessary to win National Institute of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), and foundation grant funding.

Grant Identification

The first step to obtaining any grant funding is to identify relevant active grants. eyiapp strategically plans and optimizes the potential match between Funding Opportunity Announcements, proposed objectives, aims and methods, and assists in gathering all necessary resources for a winning grant proposal.

Proposal Development & Review

The key to a successful grant award is a comprehensive and dynamic proposal that meets all the requirements and mission of the funder and exceeds expectations. To that end, eyiapp directs the development of proposals with a critical review of objectives, methods, and teams. Special attention is given to the most competitive sections that drive rankings.

Grant Application Management

By managing the submission timeline and tasks, eyiapp keeps your team and digital health grant application on schedule. Before final submission, eyiapp can complete a white glove review of the entire application. Should resubmission be necessary, eyiapp reviews the critiques and prioritizes a pointed response.

Grant Funding Administration

Upon approval and award, eyiapp advises on the administration of the grant. Acting as an extension of your core staff, eyiapp enables awardees to meet project milestones and deliverables.

eyiapp understands what you need to build a successful digital health application and organization. With a growth-mindset, focused on proven research principles and innovation, eyiapp does more than consult with you. They partner with you to develop digital health applications and therapeutics that count.